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DIY Play Places for Pets




You can’t be home all of the time to let your pets outside. Create a pet door that opens up into a special fenced area in your yard that’s made just for your pet. Better yet, you can create a space that includes a little cover so that your pet can enjoy the sun and the shade while you’re away. It’s a spot where they can come and go as they wish.  





Often there’s a lot of wasted space under stairwells. Turn this space into a comfy, fun room for your pet. Add a pad and blankets and a few toys to cozy up your pet’s new room. It’ll be their own personal “happy place.” 




Dogs love to play outside and need exercise. Use a few feet along your fence line to create a fun running path for your dog. Remember to avoid landscaping along the path that could potentially harm your pet, so add plants that have soft foliage. 




8 Great Homes Staging Tips



When selling a home, it’s important to set the perfect “stage” for potential buyers. If hiring a professional isn’t in the budget, here are some tips on how to prep for the market:
1. Declutter
You want buyers to focus on things like your home’s lovely wood floors, not the commemorative spoon collection. Box it, sell it or gift it. Clear counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom and minimize the number of items on shelves.
2. Clear out the closet
For some buyers, closet space can make or break a sale. The fewer the items within, the larger the closet will appear.
3. Pack away the personal
Store family photos, kids’ art projects and anything else that may distract buyers from envisioning themselves living in your home.
4. Scrub and scrub again
Clean everything, from tile grout to windowpanes. You want your home to sparkle and shine when the spotlight’s on.
5. Scrub and scrub again – outside
Don’t forget your home’s exterior. After all, your porch will make the first impression on buyers. A few hours with a pressure washer, easily rented from a home improvement store, can make a world of difference.
6. Freshen up the paint job
A fresh, neutral coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to boost your home’s allure.
7. Focus on lighting
A well-lit room not only feels bigger, it helps people to feel more energized and improves their mood. Don’t forget to replace light bulbs and add lamps in rooms with limited natural lighting.
8. Take a deep breath
If you inhale anything other than clean, fresh air, deodorize before showings with a mildly scented diffuser or candle.

Make sure you’ll have a steady stream of prospective buyers to appreciate the home you’re selling – and all your hard prep work. Contact me for more tips on how to make the home buying and selling process go smooth.



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